As a Photographer, I get a thrill out of my personal creative projects capturing nature, and live to help tell personal stories for people. Beyond the traditional “headshot” style portraits, I prefer something more of a lifestyle shoot. I’m here to tell your story, whether as a professional, a mother (or mum-to-be), a couple, a family, or a business.

You’ll notice I ask a lot of questions when we connect. I’ll ask you what the purpose of the photos are; who will see them, who they are for, where you’re at in life (or business) right now. I’ll probably ask you simple things about what you like (and don’t like), your favourite colour, your favourite season… It’s all part of the process so that I can best tell your story. And trust me – everyone has a story.

For me, my story is simple; I am a Sydney based creative, living in the Sutherland Shire. I studied Photography at school, and later Fashion Design, and most recently completed a Marketing degree. I have a husband and fur-children (not the kind you’re expecting though), and move between Marketing and Photography. More than anything, I love a good story. 

So, what are you waiting for?

Let’s have a chat and see what your story is!

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